North Pole Experience #2 – A Santa Conversation

If the one-way communication is not enough, we will be offering two-way communication with Santa this year.  Think of a zoom call, but much better… Your kids will be able to chat with Santa from his studio in his house at the North Pole.

The Santa Conversation Experiences will be offered in the evenings and on the weekends right up to and including Christmas Eve.  Just like how you make Reservations to come to the North Pole, you will have to reserve these spots in advance.  A few days prior to your Reservation, we will email you a link where parents will be able to send images of Christmas Lists, details, names, ages, and any other “important information” to Santa prior to the recording.

On the day of your Santa Conversation, we will email you a link to guide you to your chat.   Please make sure that you have the proper equipment to take part in a live chat event. You will not need any special software.  Any Santa Conversation will need to be done in Google Chrome on a device that has a microphone and front-facing camera.  We do not recommend cell phones to be used.  These chats with Santa will be recorded and delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray, emailed and downloaded, or via a private link (Venmo, YouTube) on social platforms after they are completed.

The North Pole at Home Experience #2 will be more expensive than photos with Santa.  The time involved for each of these is far greater than the total air time of the conversation.  We currently expect to fit 5 to 6 of these chats an hour.  These will definitely be a quality over quantity approach, as each one of these Experiences will be authentic and unique.

We currently expect each of these conversations to last from 4 to 6 minutes, but they will not be timed.  We will have options for extended conversations for larger families or families that have special needs or requests for their conversation that might last longer than the more common Santa Conversation.

We have developed this option primarily for the families that are unable to come to the North Pole at the Fair this year.  We understand that many families have so many considerations to factor, and traveling outside the home involves too much risk this year.  There is no need to disappoint the kids.  They can still see Santa, give him their list, and bring the magic to their house this Christmas season.

Santa Conversations are SOLD OUT for 2020

Technical Info

We highly recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer with a strong internet connection.  The user will need a camera and microphone that work in order to complete the chat. Cell phones are not recommended.  The conversation application works with a Google Chrome and Safari browser.  We need to be able to see and hear you for this process to work.  We cannot provide individual technical support for each Santa Conversation but will provide plenty of tips and answer questions for support.

All Conversations with Santa are recorded, so we encourage the parents to enjoy the Conversation and not stress about recording it on their own devices.