North Pole Experience #1 – A Santa Keepsake

We are pleased to bring an exciting new way to have Santa be a part of your holiday season this year.  Have you ever wanted to present your kids that special message on Christmas Eve?  Would you like Santa to go over the kid(s) Christmas List and send that special greeting or message that only Santa would know?  How would your kid(s) like that visual confirmation that Santa received their list?  

The sky’s the limit and we are proud to offer this Experience this year.  The only limitation is your creativity.  Parents will be able to send images of Christmas Lists, details, names, ages, and any other “important information” to Santa prior to the recording.  These ONE-WAY videos can be delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray, emailed and downloaded, or via a private link (Venmo, YouTube) on social platforms.  

There are so many options that you will come up with for Santa Keepsakes that we haven’t yet considered.  These Keepsakes might be that perfect gift from the grandparents who want the perfect experience for their grandkids.  Gifting options will be available and are encouraged to bring some extra joy this season.

We have developed this option for the families who are unable to come to the North Pole at the Fair this year, as well as those who will be attending.  They are great for those out-of-state kids and families that might have moved away from this area.  This might be a great option if your kids are in that bullseye age range where they are experiencing stranger danger and you would like to “warm them up” to Santa.  This would be a great treat for the birthday in November and December.  Here is your chance for the special one-of-a-kind opportunity to get that creativity rolling and enjoy that special gift this Christmas.

Santa Keepsakes are SOLD OUT for 2020