December 2nd Reservations

From: $35.00

  • This reservation includes a $30 credit toward your purchase of portraits or CDs.
  • Complimentary admission tickets to the North Pole are included with each Reservation and are limited to 4 Children and 2 Adults.
  • The time listed for the Reservation is your check-in time and NOT the actual time that you will be in front of Santa necessarily.
  • There is no guaranteed or implied duration of your visit with Santa.
  • Only one sitting/grouping per Reservation.
  • 2 Children with photos separately and then together will need 2 Reservations.  If 3 children need individual photos and then a group photo, you must purchase 3 separate Reservations.
  • If multiple families would like pictures together, then appointments need to be book consecutively or near each other.
  • Three families getting pictures, and then having a group grandchildren/cousin photo would need to make four Reservations.  Three for the individual families and one for the group picture.
  • Please double-check your date and time for Reservations.  Payment for this Reservation serves as a deposit to hold this time for you.  All reservations are non-refundable.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions at your Checkout for more information.

Click the green date on the December calendar below to see the available time slots for that day.