2020 North Pole Changes

Attention all previous customers, the North Pole that you have grown accustomed to has been forced to change this year due to the Governor’s Phased Reopening Plan and Restrictions placed on active-play.  Please make yourself aware of the FIVE unique opportunities and experiences this year.  Click on the red links below for more information.

2020 North Pole Calendar

Click here to see the complete 2020 Calendar.

2020 Reservations and Prices

All Photo Reservations hold a specific time and date for one grouping to get pictures taken at the North Pole.  It also includes a $20 credit toward your purchase of portraits or digital images after your photos are taken. The North Pole is open 35 days this year.  Reservation prices range from $30 to $40. 

2020 North Pole Reservations

The Reservation times and schedule is now set through December 6th. We are still holding back many December Reservations. When it is prudent to release more, we will post it here first. So if the perfect Reservation space is not available, just watch here as we still have a thousand more to release if everything continues to run smoothly and safely.  Follow us on Facebook for the latest information.

Click on the graphic below to make your Reservations for the date range indicated.

Late Season